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Newcomers Estimated Calendar 2017-2018
July January
TBD- LNO- Cooking Night with Heather Priest 10-Board Meeting (Night)
TBD-Board Meeting 18-Morning Coffee
  25- Anna Raimondi
  TBD-Couples Game Night

August February
  4-Bounce Out the Winter Blues 
TBD- Board Meeting (Night) 13-Board Meeting (Night)
TBD-End of Summer Backyard Bash Week of 20-Morning Coffee
TBD-Family Event  

September March
TBD-Ladies Bunco
 14-Board Meeting (Night)
5-Boo Hoo/Woo Hoo Brunch Week of 26-Morning Coffee
14-Board Meeting (Night) TBD-Family Event-Ice Skating
17-Family Event-Ice Cream Social TBD-LNO
TBD-Ladies Luncheon TBD-Dinner

October April
11-Board Meeting (Night) 11-Board Meeting (Night)
19-Joyride Event   
21-Social-Adult Halloween Party Week of 23-Morning Coffee
24-Morning Coffee 26- Bunco!
TBD-Family Event-Halloween Craft at Merwin  
TBD-Men’s Event
November May
18-Board Meeting (Night)
9-Board Meeting (Night)
Week of 27-Morning Coffee
Week of 21-Morning Coffee
TBD-Ladies Bunco
17- Ladies Night Out Mani/Pedi
TBD-Family Event
19 - Spring Social! Preakness After Party
December June
6-Wreath Making at Woodcock Nature Center Week of 25- Morning Coffee
13-Board Meeting (Night)  
15-Ladies Holiday Luncheon TBD- Playground Playdate
15- Parents and Kids Night Out  TBD- Board Transition Meeting
17- Cookie Decorating and Crafts at Create